Monday, May 30, 2011

Irisa & her 10 weeks of school.. Lets see...

Having just completed her 10 weeks of Playgroup, I was really amazed with the end results. She can recognise most of the alphabets & body parts, singing at least 3-5 sentences of national anthem & a lot more different nursery songs.

I have also included her video of her 'interpretation' of what A-Z means. In mandarin, in english & her own creativity, i really wanna laugh.

I have seen her workbooks from PLaygroup, the arts she have done, the school work she does. And she can read different chinese characters like RUN, WALK, SIT, STAND in mandarin. Shall find a day to record a video and post it up so that she can remember how she used to be at 2Ys, attending playgroup with the big brothers and sisters who are 1Yr older.

Her talking ability will shock u. The way she answer you, talk back and argue, who would believe that its a 2Yr old little gal?? Oh my, what is the world turning into?

Mummy: Irisa, u want to eat ngor hiang?

Irisa: No, i want to eat guava (pointin to the cut guave tt great grandma prepare)

Mummy: OK, i eat

Irisa: Mummy, I want eat mi hoon. (after finishing her guava)

Mummy: I tot u say dun want mi hoon (cos tt was the reason we came out of the rm)

Irisa: I only say NO to ngor hiang, I nvr say I dun wan mi hoon.

Mummy: *scratch head*

And a lot more 'scratch head' situation talking and explaining to little irisa. It really takes a lot of patience and love to nuture a little kid.

Her sisterly act of 'sayang' little rayshon & interpretation of A-Z stands (tis video cant load) for...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My little gal growing up at a fast pace

Latest Art Project from Playgroup
Happy Labour Day Card - Week 5
Easter Egg - Week 4
She came back, telling me. Mummy, its Egg! My Xiao Bao.. so cute of her.
Then she says, Mummy, later u cook for jiejie eat, k?
And after she learnt how to do the eyes, nose and mouth. Did u see her draw eyes, nose and mouth on her Labour Day card?

Oh, did i mention that she was punished by the teacher the day before. All because she kept on coming down from the chair and then back to the chair at school. Despite several warnings, she continue to do so. In order to stop her and worried that the other kids follow, her teacher take her chair away.
End up she didnt want to go in to school the next day when the same teacher standing at the door. Only after i hold her hand, she walk in with me and run off when she sees her friends..

A day out straight after school. Went for some nice fishball noodles at Simpang Bedok.
Went Metro Expo Sale & Tech Expo. Then to Ipoh Old Town for dinner.
And off to Kovan for some ice cream indulgence. My little gal can choose her own flavour - Darkie Crunch. I think the reason she choose cos the little balls of chocolates on top of the gelato resemblence the colourful sprinkles on the muffins she ahd previously.. Enjoy my gal.

See how she does the 'nice' expression....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some updates

Dear little girl growing up to be a young adult day by day. Now she can say a lot of full sentences and even to the extent of scolding daddy, mummy & great-grandma. Examples: Daddy ate something and dropped/dripped on the table or floor. She will say: Ohhh. Daddy, why u like that? Later the ants will come and bite you. faster faster (in mandarin) When i am scolding her for throwing all her toys and threaten to throw away. She will sometimes shout back at me if i keep on scolding while she is picking up the toys: I AM PICKING UP!! How can a 2yr old toddler be so much like an adult?? sometimes i really do wonder what is going on in their little mind?? And she can also tell what she wanna wear to go out at times too. Such a vainpot at a young age.. GIRLS... We bought her a set of table & chairs and a easel board for her creativity to flow. I guess we are just finding trouble at home with all this luxury for her. The more toys for her, the more headache we have. She likes to move the table & chairs. Draw on the easel board, on the top top corners instead of where she can reach. All the funny funny things she wanna do. And yes, by chance i discovered that she can write 1 & o, and managed to capture it in the video below. I'm so amazed!! 2 weeks of school and this is what i see.. But then the 2 weeks of school has brought some virus to her. Been having on-off flu & also fever that comes and goes. And she is learning to use 'crying' to show her dislikes at home too.. (from all the episodes of those cryings in school). Sometimes she also throw things on the floor to express anger. Buay tahan. Thats why all things comes in good and bad, what choice do we have? Just have to teach, teach and teach... Her 2nd piece of art from school. All this little art pieces are just tickling my heart and really can bring me the proud & arrogance that i get from my little, smart princess.. Daddy & Mummy loves you..

writing 1 & 0

Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Irisa at 2 years 2 months

Went to Resort World for dim sum and she, as usual, enjoyed the Century Egg Porridge the most. But this afternoon, she had char siew bao & chee cheong fun and said tt it is nice.

Afterwhich, we took a short walk to see whats around Crockford Towers and decided to hide in Festive Hotel Lounge for cakes & coffee as it was too hot. To reward her for her good behavior the night before, i got her a fancy looking but expensive marshmallow stick. And she enjoyed it..

She really amazed me with some of her behavior at times and i really have to booast abt her good behavior when she sing the same tune as mummy.

The night before, we were at Great Uncle Charles plc. As she was still a bit under the weather, i dun wan to give her any titbits.

First came Daddy with his chips, Auntie Jiayi ask her to bring to Daddy. And being a kid, she of cos says she want. So i had to sweet talk and explain why I cant give her and will only give when she recover. Ok, she nodded.

Second came Great Uncle Sam with the chocolates. Again, she says she want. And once again, Mummy have to repeat the same story. and she being a good girl, she help to pass the chocolates around, throw the wrapper for everyone even without being asked to and never even throw her missy tantrum. my dear gal, i am so proud..

Then again, the chips came out once more. And yes, the whole process starts again..

A really 'touching' part was when Auntie Jiayi nearly tripped over the small stool underneath the coffee table. And after she walked away, my dear irisa went to push the whole stool under the table back, so tt no one will trip again... ooohhhh... she is a dearie to mummy n daddy n everyone...

Her 2nd week of school and wearing her 'twinkle twinkle star' top which she loved. And she finally can do the 'correct' CHEESE.. so cute of her..

And with 1 week of singing national anthem in school, she finally managed to learn 1 word from the lyrics - Marikita... See the video, so cute.. (video cant load, will do so later)

And her very 1st art work from school.. Apparently they got 1 art piece every week, i'm gonna need a folio for her soon.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Irisa go to playgroup

March 28, 2011 Irisa goes to playgroup today for her first lesson. Its a 5 times a week for 2 hour class. Will get to mingle with little children from 2008 - 2009 (Jan-Mar) babies. Was excited and yet anxious for her to go to school. Worried she cant/dont dare to say when she want to go toilet, worried that after playing with toys a while, she might want to find mummy or daddy. Apparently, what I heard from the teacher after school today was a total different version. Teacher says she remind Irisa to inform when she want to pass urine and she did that, and when it was time to pack up and go home, she said she dont want to go home. The teacher there said that she was a brave & good girl. Oh my, she didnt even miss mummy. But in all, I'm glad she is adapting well in a different environment. I guess she yearns for companionship. Hope she will be a good sister to lil bro in time to come..

Some updates & developments:

She is fully toilet trained for day time. Night time have to KIV as she is not sleeping with me so might be a bit tedious for great grandma to wake up every 3-4hours to make her go toilet. But so far, she isnt peeing on her training pants at night nor in the afternoon nap. Bravo gal. Managed to be toilet trained at a mere 2 yrs old.

She is very expressive in what she wants, anger, happiness, sad. Most of all, she loves to make friends.

She knows most of her body parts, 1,2,3, A,B,C. I hope she will get to learn more in her playgroup lessons.

She is very cheeky and comes up with a lot of her own actions. Singing 'Ne Ne Ni Poo Poo' when she gets certain things and lil bro or daddy or even great grandma dun have.

Last week, she just went to KKH for Viral Infection. Pains our heart to see her vomit so many times. Though sick, she knows what we are telling her when i instruct her to tell mummy when want to vomit, and do it in the plastic bag. She is such a brave gal. Luckily by the end of the day, fever and vomiting go away and she recovers well..

In our view, we suspect its due to a bit of indisgestion as well. She vomitted chunks of food, grapes. I guess she jus eat fast fast and never chew properly then swallow. So for now, i am feeding her a smaller portion, and also in smaller mouthful and reminding her to chew.

Coming out of her class and so happy. I guess she is enjoying every bits of it

Singing 'Ne Ne Ni Poo Poo, Didi mei you qu' cos she gets to go out with mummy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A grown up gal

A big gal already. With a bigger and bigger library of vocabs, i am jus so fascinated with her developments day by day. Favourite past time is to ask for FOOD!! Practically junk food, i mean. Favourite Food - I suppose it's fish. Cos each time we have fish, she finish her food and ask for more fish. so cute.
Updates on Potty Training
No more wet training pants so I have upgrade her to little sweet panties. Every hour or so, we bring her to toilet and she will pee. Ocassional periods when she have the urge, she will call me or grandma or daddy if he is at home to help. And she will also poo in the toilet too. Hurray!! More $$ to use on their clothings cos can save on diaper. Smart gal, almost 80% ready to go without diapers. Now another few more months down, when she is better with daytime potty training, gonna see wat methods to use for training at night.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Potty Training for Irisa

Been a while since we put her on training pants during the day when she is awake, still on diaper for naps, bedtime & when we are out. So far, she is doing great cos Mummy is getting better at grasping the time for her to pee or she is getting very used to me taking off her training pants and asking her to pee.. Now dont really have to struggle with her to ask her pee and sit for long long time before the pee comes.

She gets really excited when she pee or poo and will exclaim loudly, Mummy Jie Jie 'shee shee' or 'poot poot'!! Such a dearie. But there are times when too much distractions or attention at home, she a bit want to play punk with me.
Irisa is coming to 25months old. More teeth is spruting out, getting more verbal in her sentences. She likes to mix mandarin & english together when she speaks even though she knows the mandarin/english word for it. Cant stand her, she jus so got her own mindset.

For example, she will say, Mummy Jie Jie dun wan 'chi' instead of eat, or she will tell daddy or mummy dun wan 'qi' instead of angry... haiz.. noti gal but our apple!!!

She loves to play cooking, using her 'oven door' as a tray and put her cups on top of it, going around asking what you want to drink or offer you a drink. She will say Milo, Kopi or Milk. So cute. Sometimes i really wonder what is going thru her small brain..

She also loves to play with her little brother, likes to wipe off his saliva when he drools, likes to sing to him, likes to fetch his hanky, towel or milk for him. A loving elder sister who have her own sudden outburst at times that she will just beat her lil bro. Cute...